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Willie Alsedek - Bio

Letting a game of rock-paper-scissors decide his college fate, Willie earned his degree in Digital Media Production from the Art Institute of Philadelphia which enabled him to spend the next 12 years freelancing. Willie has lived and worked in Maryland, Key West, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. He's done performance art at festivals, created mind-numbing digital illustrations, developed his own Tarot deck, directed and filmed a ton of short films and sketches, including his own animated series. Willie Alsedek is a non-stop creative machine. A binge writer, a frantic painter, a manic scribbler, and a film junkie who aims to combine an assortment of mediums to tell his stories, to provoke emotional nuance, to inspire new thoughts, and to share himself in this strange experience we all call existence.

Artist's Statement

“Picture yourself living in an infinite narrative. Not just the everyday thoughts we all have about our lives but something far more invasive. Imagine a living narrator inside your very mind, often blurring the line between imagination and reality. This is the world that I live in. For me, art is more than a hobby or a's's an obsession. And when it comes, it drives me to put almost everything else on hold. I make art because it feels good, and I share my art because if you weren't here I’d see very little point in making it.  It's also a way for me to process the emotions in life that truly inspire my art, and it’s sharing this art that makes my emotional process even more meaningful.”