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Nicole Gencarelli - Bio

Nicole is a visual artist based in Easton, PA. Her love for the arts began at an early age and continued through the rest of her life. She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and received a B.A in Art History and Studio Arts. While at college, she had the opportunity to study traditional fiber art practices, as well as printmaking, a quickly discovered a love for combining both mediums in her creative work.

 Her recent fiber series of animal skeleton embroideries began with her childhood fondness for natural history and natural curiosities. This series started about years ago with one embroidery of a whale skeleton just for fun, and has continued to grow and evolve since that point. Nicole explores a variety of other topics in her other artist endeavors and continues to learn new things each day to bring into her creative practice.

Artist's Statement

“As was expected of most students studying fine arts, most of my artwork created in the years between high school and college was ‘serious’ and contained complex and philosophical conceits. Near the end of studying for my B.A, I started to feel very constrained by that pressure and wanted to create something for myself that had more joy and passion in it. Fiber arts felt more freeing than the standard studies of drawing and painting and I began to practice and use embroidery work and fabric dying into my work. I had always loved collecting fascinating animal skulls and skeletons, so I decided to create “drawings” of these using very small and fine needlework with my embroidery tools. What began as something to do on the side of other projects has become a part of my life and a large part of my creative work.  I’m happy to be part of a growing community of artists re-inventing the way fiber art, especially embroidery, is used. It is also rewarding that it is such an accessible way for people to collect and acquire art, which feels like an important and necessary aspect of contemporary art and the contemporary makers movement.  My skeleton embroideries have been and continue to be a great joy to make and share with others.”