Harold C Siegfried - Bio

Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, Harold dedicated much of his life working a myriad of jobs, including time in the US Army. Throughout his entire life, Harold has had a deep appreciation for art. In 2015, he lost everything due to mental illness. Homeless and feeling lost, Harold looked for inspiration in his passion for art. After visiting the Banana Factory, he ended up connecting with a great group of Resident Artists there and found tremendous support for his craft. Since then, Harold has gotten back on his feet while becoming a successful and independent artist. He has even trained his own service dog, Phelan through Tails of Valor.

Artist's Statement

"My art is inspired by my emotions, mental health, and the world around me. I use my craft to honor those who have served our great country, but I also create for therapy. For me, painting is not just a way to honor those who have served, but also to reach out to those who suffer with mental illness. My style is mostly made up of Geometric Abstract and Seascapes but I also do a lot of commissions for my fellow servicemen and women. I hope that my work can inspire others to use art as a way to battle mental illness."