Dave Harding - Bio

Dave Harding is a comic collage artist from the Lehigh Valley. By day our intrepid hero works as a Producer, Editor, and Videographer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. But like any good comic book night, when the world goes quiet and with scissors in hand, Dave begins to work on his iconic collage creations.

As someone who has always loved comic books, movies, video games, and pretty much anything pop culture related, Dave creates "8-bit" or "pixel" mosaic collage art pieces using bargain bin or damaged comic book panels, glue, and canvas. Each piece (or panel) is meticulously hand-cut with scissors then individually glued to a canvas. It is a long but extremely rewarding process.

Artist's Statement

“My collage work is fueled by pure nostalgic. I want people to see my art and to be taken back to another time. For me it is all about escapism. I love to let my imagination run wild.”