Allison Jacobs - Bio

Allison has been creating bright and colorful work from a very young age. Always bringing her art bin everywhere she went, Allison eventually began taking art classes in high school. Here she began to hone her skills by making collages, painting, drawing and sewing. Her continued love and appreciation for the arts then brought her to Philadelphia University where she received a BS in Fashion Merchandising. But as so many of us can relate, Allison was not impassioned by her major. It wasn't until the summer before her senior year when she met her current boyfriend and a group of artists who gave her the encouragement and support to pursue her passion. Inspired by teh creative atmosphere of Philadelphia Allison now creates colorful, lighthearted art full-time. In 2017 she opened up her first Etsy shop, Daydreamer Alley. She hopes to grow this new brand into something positive and uplifting.

Artist's Statement

“My style reflects my personality and changes with me as I learn and grow. One constant, however, is that I always keep my work full of bright and beautiful colors. I like to keep it positive and I never try to take life too seriously. I’d like to think that all of this comes through in each and every piece that I create. I often use vibrant neon paints and watercolors and add in light-catching iridescents or even glitter for an added dose of fun! I want my creations to make people smile and brighten up the world!”