Alex Feliciani - Bio

Alex was raised in suburbs bordering the city of Brotherly Love. Inspired by everything from pop culture to wildlife, fantasy, and science fiction, his style is constantly evolving. Alex uses an incredible amount of color and mixed media in his work, creating unique and vivid images. Graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a BA in Design, Alex works tirelessly to expand his style and maintain the influences of his youth.

Artist's Statement

My belief is that creativity is a powerful force, one which keeps humanity grounded and drives personal progress.

“When it comes to my artwork, I’m inspired by so many things in life. Things that both exist in our world, and ones that only exist in our imagination. My work seeks to find a connection between the two. To open up the doors of my interconnected world and to invite you in. Because to me, creating is all about connecting with people through positive storytelling. When I finish a piece of artwork, I want you to feel excited and I want you to have hope that anything is possible."