Chris Stubbe - Bio

Born in rural Pennsylvania, Chris grew up exploring lush forests and abandoned farmsteads. Formally educated in Jewelry Fabrication at the Gemological Institute of America and in Video Production at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Chris has spent the last 16 years exploring various artistic careers and mediums. He now resides in Bethlehem, PA where he founded Beard Brains Studio and works to expand his brand while maintaining a strong connection to the local community.

Artist's Statement

"Throughout the majority of my life, I've felt disconnected and unattached. Being a profoundly introverted person, I turned to photography to help process these feelings of loneliness and detachment through observing what was around me. Creating artwork allows me to not only feel connected to a different world, it enables me to build that world. To craft a place where I feel a sense of belonging and understanding. In all of my work, I try to emulate that same feeling for others. I want to craft a narrative that you can be a part of.

Below you will be able to view each of my current collections. Varying from Photography to Mixed Media, each image is available for print and purchase. Please inquire with detailed information on the print you would like and the desired size."


Our Everyday Eyes - Created for my first gallery exhibition, this series is story-driven in nature. Broken out into three groups (Time/Darkness/Fables) each image each convey a personal narrative.

The Great American Journey - Part fundraiser, part personal journey. This series is dedicated to my late Father, Charles Paul.  

Mixed Media

Despite being rooted in photography, I've always had a massive interest in almost every other art form. As I grow older, my insecurities have begun to fade away and I have finally found the courage to push my creative boundaries. In this section of the site, I'll be adding various collections in different mediums. These images are also available for print and purchase. Please inquire with as much detail as possible.

Toxic - A commentary on masculine toxicity. Digital collage using old comic books and illustrations.

Vintage Erotica - Digital collage using vintage photography.